4th Stamp Issue in 2018 of Philately Liechtenstein on 12 November 2018


Three special stamps of Philately Liechtenstein printed on a sheet of 16 stamps address the globally much discussed issue of migration. Designer Peter Vetsch shows one person each from the Arab, African and East Asian cultures on the stamps named “Hope” (value: CHF 0.85), “Departure” (value: CHF 1.00) and “New Beginning” (value: CHF 1.30). The colours selected symbolise the countries where the people come from while their face appears in the shape of the country of Liechtenstein, thus highlighting the Now. According to statistics of 2014, the share of foreigners living in Liechtenstein came to 33.7 percent.


This year’s Christmas stamps come from the winner of the second prize in a design competition hosted among Liechtenstein artists abroad. In his design, Manfred Näscher selected a digitally produced depiction of four scenes from the Christmas story resembling wood engraving. The self-adhesive stamps “The Wise Men from the East” (value: CHF 0.85), “The Star Shows the Way” (value: CHF 1.00), “Peace on Earth” (Value: CHF 1.50) and “Birth of Jesus” (value: CHF 2.00) were printed on a 20-stamp sheet. When the four sheets are placed side by side in increasing value, the colour progression becomes apparent.

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac

The traditional series on Chinese signs of the zodiac is being continued with the pig. For the “Year of the Pig 2019” (value: CHF 2.00), Philately is again issuing a self-adhesive special stamp designed in the form of a delicate paper cut and produced using ultramodern laser technology. The sheet of four stamps in red, a colour that symbolises luck in China, is also cut in the shape of a pig. Among other things, the Chinese sign of the zodiac is a symbol of luck and success.

The new stamps are available from Philately Liechtenstein from 12 November 2018. Internet: www.philatelie.li

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