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  • Subscribers have our latest new issues delivered straight to their home without having to pay any posting, packing or handling charges.
  • Before each issue subscribers receive an information brochure and an order form for possible additional orders.
  • Subscribers do not have to order a minimum quantity. Subscribers do not have to pay any handling charges for additional orders, even if they order less than the minimum order value.
  • Total approx. 40-45 stamps per year at a cost of CHF 70 or Euro 64.
  • Delivery with invoice payable within 30 days. Subscriptions may be changed or cancelled at any time.
  • Welcome gift
Order subscriptions

We reserve the right to deliver the next issue following to the cancellation, in case the cancellation was not made at least 8 weeks before.

Subscriptions in detail

01 Stamp series including souvenir sheets

You‘ll receive all commemorative and definitive stamps as well as souvenir sheets issued in Liechtenstein by Liechtensteinische Post.

02 Sheets, miniature sheets and souvenir sheets

All Liechtenstein stamps are available on sheets (max. 20 stamps per sheet). Souvenir sheets or miniature sheets (max. 10 stamps per sheet) are also included in this item.

03 Block of four series

A block of four consists of 4 se-tenant stamps displaying the same motif. Whenever a souvenir sheet or a combination stamp sheet (i.e. with several motifs on the same sheet) is issued you‘ll receive one copy of each instead of a block of four.

04 Stamp series on first day cover / FDC

A first day cover decorated with an art design is issued for each stamp series. The embellishment relates to the theme of the stamp series. The cover always features the relevant first day of issue postmark. A first day cover features all the stamps in a particular series (for series consisting of more than four stamps these are spread over more than one envelope).

05 Single stamp on first day cover / FDC-U1

Instead of the entire series being affixed to this first day cover a separate envelope is used for each motif.

06 Block of four on first day cover / FDC-U4

On the FDC-U4 a block of four (meaning 4 se tenant stamps displaying the same motif) is affixed to a separate envelope for each of the motifs in the series.

07 Maximum cards

Maximum cards are postcards with a postage stamp on the front featuring the relevant first day of issue postmark. The motif on the postcard, the postage stamp and the postmark all relate to the same theme. You‘ll receive a maximum card for each postage stamp in a series.

08 Blackprint series

True collectors love the unusual and attach great importance to quality. To meet these discerning requirements Philatelie Liechtenstein is issuing the stamp series made in a steel engraving / combination print procedure as blackproofs. The meticulous artistry that goes into achieving a perfect engraving becomes particularly evident in blackprints. Blackprints have no postage value and are not perforated.

09 Blackprint sheet series

You‘ll only receive a blackprint sheet series for stamp series issued as miniature sheets (max. 10 postage stamps per sheet). As is the case with the blackprint series, the blackprint sheets have no postage value and are not perforated.

10 Postal stationery

Postal stationery refers to postcards or picture postcards and postal envelopes with an imprinted postage stamp.

11 Annual Album

Besides all the Liechtenstein stamps issued during the year, you will find background information and technical details on the individual issues in the Annual Album. All texts are composed in German and English.

12 Blank first day covers

We offer you the opportunity to create your own covers by ordering first day covers without postage stamps or postmarks. For further details please go to the section "Cancellations to order."

Postmarking service

13 Stamp fair cover

There is a cover with a special issue cancellation for each stamp fair which Philatelie Liechtenstein attends in an official capacity.



SEPAC subscription


S1-S8 SEPAC postage stamp

Several small Post Offices in Europe have joined forces in the "Small European Postal Administration Cooperation – SEPAC". The joint issues of SEPAC members feature motifs on a unified theme. The SEPAC logo is depicted on the stamps. As a normal subscriber you will receive SEPAC stamps automatically. Please do not purchase this item unless you wish to have additional or solely SEPAC stamps.

Europa subscription


E1-E7 EUROPA subscription

National Post Offices can depict a theme, which is selected each year by PostEurop, on a stamp series. In addition to a motif which relates to the theme the EUROPA logo is also depicted on the stamps. As a normal subscriber you will receive the EUROPA stamp automatically. For this reason you should not purchase this item unless you wish to have additional or solely EUROPA stamps.

Additional subscription

Z1 Souvenir sheets

Souvenir sheets are only issued to mark special occasions. A block consists of 1 - 6 postage stamps. Souvenir sheets feature in subscription items nos. 01, 02 and 03.
For this reason you should not purchase this item unless you wish to have additional or solely commemorative blocks.

Z2 Miniature sheets

A special border design distinguishes a miniature sheet from a normal postage stamp sheet and is a distinctive philatelic speciality. Miniature sheets feature in subscription item no. 02. For this reason you should not purchase this item unless you wish to have additional or solely miniature sheets.

Collection sheet «dieMarke.li» subscription

K1 Sheets

The official collection sheets of «dieMarke.li» appear twice a year on special occasions. These sheets, each of which has ten different designs in combined print, are also valid for postal use, appear completely independently and are not related in any way to the official stamp issues of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Consultation and Contact

Liechtensteinischen Post AG
Philatelie Liechtenstein
Alte Zollstrasse 11
9494 Schaan

Telefon +423 399 44 66
E-Mail: philatelie@post.li



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