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300 Years of the Liechtenstein Oberland

Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Planken, Schaan
Face value CHF 1.40
Motif Vaduz, Triesenberg
Face value CHF 2.60
Motif Triesen, Balzers

On 22nd February 2012 the Principality of Liechtenstein remembered the purchase exactly 300 years previously of the County of Vaduz (the present-day Oberland) by Prince Johann Adam Andreas von und zu Liechtenstein, at that time officially resident in Vienna. With the Lordship of Schellenberg (the present-day Unterland), acquired earlier in 1699, the Princes of Liechtenstein now controlled two immediate fiefs of the Holy Roman Empire, which secured them at last a seat and a vote in the Diet of Princes of the Empire. In 1719 these two possessions were combined to form a discrete Imperial Principality: Liechtenstein had been born!

As previously in 1999, when Liechtenstein celebrated “300 Years of the Liechtenstein Unterland”, this year’s jubilee stamp too has been designed by the veteran Liechtenstein stamp designer Louis Jäger. The 1999 design paid tribute to the five Unterland communities of Eschen, Gamprin, Mauren, Ruggell and Schellenberg with their points of interest in a partially perforated sheet of six stamps (face value CHF 0.90); the 2012 issue, likewise presented partially perforated in a sheet of three, is far more abstract. Above the literally rendered silver ribbon of the Rhine the flags of the six Oberland communities are shown rising in stylized form, from the Dreischwestern massif in the north (left-hand stamp) to the Mittagsspitz peak in the south (right-hand stamp). Indicated in yellow are areas of land erosion (mudflows) caused by the rocks which from time immemorial have plunged precipitously into the valley. The lowest-value stamp (face value CHF 1.00) is devoted to the two northern Oberland communities of Planken (green and white) and Schaan (blue, white and red); the centre stamp (face value CHF 1.40) shows the capital Vaduz (red, white and red) and the Walser community of Triesenberg (gold and blue) and the highest-value stamp (face value CHF 2.60) the two southern communities of Triesen (white and blue) and Balzers (blue, gold and blue).


Date Of Issue
14. June 2012
Louis Jäger, Schaanwald
Stamp format
30 x 45 mm
Sheet format
100 x 45 mm
Offsetdruck, 6-farbig
Royal Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem
FSC Tru White Litho PVA, 110 gm2,
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