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400th Birthday of Molière

Troupe du Roi - King’s Troops, Molière, L'école des femmes - The School of Women
Face value CHF 6.30
Motif Troupe du Roi - King’s Troops, Molière, L'école des femmes - The School of Women

Philately Liechtenstein is dedicating a special block with three stamps to the French actor, theatre director and playwright "Molière" (face value: CHF 4.10). Molière was born in Paris in January 1622 and named Jean Baptiste Poquelin. He is considered one of the great classics and helped comedy to become a genre potentially equal to tragedy in the theatre world.

For twelve years, Molière travelled through the provinces with a theatre group and acquired the language and dialects of the people. He became brilliant in using these as stylistic devices later. Back in Paris, the comedians were allowed to call themselves "Troupe du Roi" (King’s Troop; face value: CHF 1.10) and present their performances before the King. "L'école des femmes" (The School of Women; face value: CHF 1.10) is considered Molière's and French comedy's first ever masterpiece. The unconventional way in which he subverted the rulebook of dramatic genres led to a heated public debate at the time.

The special souvenir sheet shows a portrait of Molière in the centre, while scenes from his plays are depicted in the background of the two stamps at the side.



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Date Of Issue
07. March 2022
Detlef Behr, Köln
Stamp format
33.334 x 38.334 mm
12 ¼ x 12 ¼
Sheet format
119 x 59 mm
4-colour offset CMYK Gutenberg AG, Schaan
Special stamp paper PVA 110 g/m² gummed
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