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Europa 2012

Visit Liechtenstein
Face value CHF 1.40
Motif Visit Liechtenstein

Every year the member countries of “PostEurop“ issue a stamp on a jointly set theme. Following “Children’s Books” (2010) and “Forest” (2011) the theme for the so-called “Europa stamp 2012” is “Visit …”. The question to be treated under this title is: what might induce holiday travellers to pay the particular “PostEurop” member country a visit? As not infrequently in the past, collaboration with the Liechtenstein School of Art was sought for this purpose. As part of the preliminary course entries for a competition were invited and a worthy young designer was found in Julia Kubik from Buchs (CH). Based on a photograph by Ursula Schlegel (Triesenberg) the “Europa stamp 2012“ (face value CHF 1.40) succinctly encapsulates tradition and the present by combining the yearly “Return from the Mountains” and the new Parliament Building. Every year in autumn the cattle kept in the alpine pastures over the summer are driven back to the community where they belong in a spectacular return home from the mountains. In Vaduz this route leads from the Pradamee alpine pasture down into the valley where the procession, already audible from afar, passes through the business centre and past the Parliament and Government Buildings. For anyone present in Vaduz on such a return-from-the-upland-pastures day the unusual spectacle of a colourfully adorned and bell-bearing herd of cattle making its way, as it used to do a hundred years ago, through the narrow streets of the one-time farming village and present-day financial centre provides superb opportunities for photography. Such images illustrate the fact that the Principality of Liechtenstein, despite its economic and political advancement and internationality, still remains strongly embedded in the old traditions of a typical Alpine country. Discovering these contrasts during a visit to Liechtenstein is surely a very special tourist attraction alongside all the distinctive geographical and cultural features.

Date Of Issue
05. March 2012
Julia Kubik, Buchs
Stamp format
38 x 32,043 mm
13 ¾ x 13 ¾
Sheet format
146 x 208 mm
Offset, 4-farbig
Royal Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem
FSC Tru White Litho PVA,
110 gm2, gummiert
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