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Joint issue with Singapore

Face value CHF 1.90
Motif Liechtenstein
Face value CHF 1.90
Motif Singapore

If one compares the Principality of Liechtenstein with the city-state of Singapore, the differences clearly outweigh the similarities. Four and a half times larger than Liechtenstein with a surface area of around 710 square kilometres, Singapore is also a small country but with 5.3 million inhabitants, it has a population that is 140 times larger than that of Liechtenstein. Over 90 percent of the surface area of the island country is developed which is why land reclamation plays a major role. To this end, soil is taken from the country’s own mountains, the sea bed or from neighbouring countries and is banked up in the adjacent sea. This increased the land surface from 581 square kilometres in the 1960s to 710 today and there are plans for it is grow again by around 100 square kilometres by 2030. The climate could not be any different either: While Liechtenstein has four distinctive seasons, Singapore has a consistently tropical and humid climate with temperatures slightly above 28°C.

For the joint issue with the Asian country, the Philately engaged two active artists to capture their views of the other country. They produced the contemporary designs of the two special stamps “Liechtenstein” and “Singapore” (value: CHF 1.90 each), each of which are appearing as a 16-stamp sheet.

The designer of the Liechtenstein stamp, Hong Sek-Chern from Singapore, is wellknown in Asia for her pictures painted predominantly in ink, in which she wishes to bring the beholders closer to the world around them. The works of the multiple award-winning artist have already been shown in Sao Paolo, Taipei, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The Singapore stamp was designed by Jens W. Beyrich, an artist working in Liechtenstein. For more than 15 years, he has been developing complex geometrical designs that have served as a basis for his unique sculptures and graphics. Some of his work can be seen in Fontainebleau, France. His first solo exhibition was held in London in June 2013.

Date Of Issue
10. November 2014
Hong Sek-Chern, Singapur
Jens W. Beyrich, Liechtenstein
Stamp format
40 x 30 mm
13 x 13 1/4
Sheet format
208 x 146 mm
4-colour offset, Cartor Security Printing,
Meaucé la Loupe
Truwhite FSC Mix Credit 110 g/m2
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Liechtensteinischen Post AG
Philatelie Liechtenstein
Alte Zollstrasse 11
9494 Schaan

Telefon +423 399 44 66
E-Mail: philatelie@post.li



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