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LIBA 2012 - Postal Stationery

When in October 1934, 22 years after the first separate Liechtenstein stamp had been issued, a “Liechtenstein Stamp Exhibition” was held for the first time, people can hardly have imagined that this occasion would become a major cultural institution with a significance reaching far beyond the national boundaries which acts as a true flagship event for Liechtenstein like scarcely any other.

When on 16th August 2012, one day after the National Holiday, “LIBA 2012” opens its doors and its philatelic treasure-chests for four event-packed days, this will be for the eleventh time since 1934. Initially held at irregular intervals, since 1962 the Exhibition has taken place every ten years. It is jointly promoted by the State Government, Liechtensteinische Post AG and, from the very outset, the Liechtenstein Philatelic Association (LPHV). At “LIBA 2012”, hosted in the Saal am Lindenplatz (SAL) in Schaan, there will be, in addition to the Multinational Innovations Show with contributions from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, various special exhibitions and also a large dealer market. The public may also make interesting finds at the stands of the invited postal administrations of the Faeroe Islands belonging to Denmark and the largely autonomous Finnish Province of Åland. Liechtenstein is linked to these two postal administrations through SEPAC, a cooperative affiliation of small European postal administrations.

This year the stamp series appearing traditionally to mark LIBA comprises postal-stationery postcards designed by Heinz Schädler with an imprinted stamp. The three face designs show wellknown public buildings from the Community of Schaan in which “LIBA 2012” will take place: “Schaan parish church” (face value CHF 1.00), the “Saal am Lindenplatz”, also called SAL (face value CHF 1.40) and “Rathaus Schaan“ (face value CHF 1.90).


Date Of Issue
14. June 2012
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Liechtensteinischen Post AG
Philatelie Liechtenstein
Alte Zollstrasse 11
9494 Schaan

Telefon +423 399 44 66
E-Mail: philatelie@post.li



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