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Liechtenstein Landscapes (SEPAC) - III

Face value CHF 1.40
Motif Unterland

For the third and final time the focus of the stamp folders produced since 2007 by SEPAC (“Small European Postal Administrations Cooperation”, to which Liechtenstein also belongs) is on “European Landscapes”. Following “Beautiful Corners of Europe I” (2007) and “Beautiful Corners of Europe II” (2009) this year’s issue too is intended offer an exclusive platform for philatelic and touristic self-promotion. For this purpose Liechtenstein has opted this year too for a photograph by local photographer Marco Nescher. In 2007 his spectacular panoramic photograph showing the entire state of Liechtenstein on a single photograph was featured; in 2009 it was the turn of the Liechtenstein Oberland, represented by his picture of the St. Mamertus Chapel in Triesen. This series is now concluded by an atmospheric picture from the Ruggell Marsh in the Liechtenstein Unterland.

The so-called Liechtenstein Unterland lies in the north of the Principality and is at 35 km2 the smaller of the two regions making up the small state of Liechtenstein. In the five Unterland communities Eschen-Nendeln, Mauren-Schaanwald, Gamprin-Bendern, Ruggell and Schellenberg there live 12,500 people, about a third of Liechtenstein’s population. In Ruggell, Liechtenstein’s northernmost community, lies the Ruggell Marsh depicted on the stamp (face value CHF 1.40), a low-lying marsh formed 10,000 years ago. The best-known plant in the marsh is the Siberian iris, which transforms the entire region into a single blue carpet in the months of May and June. Some 150 different bird species and well over 500 species of butterfly have made this region their home. And very recently beavers and storks have found their way back to this peaceful and tranquil place, which has been a protected area for many years.

Date Of Issue
28. September 2011
Marco Nescher, Schaan
Stamp format
60 x 30 mm
14 x 14
Sheet format
146 x 172 mm
Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
GmbH, Wien
Tullis Russel Chancellor, 102 gm²
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