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Music for dancing

Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Jazz
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Flamenco
Hip Hop
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Hip Hop
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Electro
Folk Music
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Folk Music
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Country
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Samba
Face value CHF 1.00
Motif Classic

Colourful illustrations of Luigi Olivadoti depict various fun-loving motifs on a se-tenant of eight special stamps. With “Jazz”, “Flamenco”, “Hip Hop”, “Electro”, “Folk Music”, “Country”, “Samba” and “Classic” (face value: CHF 1.00 each), the illustrator and designer put various styles of music to which people like dancing on the stamps.
Music and dance have always been closely related, in some cultures so closely that only one term is used to denote both together. This becomes particularly apparent when music and dance have a ritual meaning and, for instance, certain instruments and dance movements symbolise gods. Hybrid forms between dance and playing music are also widespread, such as the flamenco, which is considered to be the centuries-old traditional music of Spain. The emergence of the flamenco is closely related to the historical, social and cultural development of the Andalusian region in southern Spain. Before the 19th century, this musical culture was passed on to the following generations largely without being written down.
The stamps also show the most recent dance and music styles of this series, the music genres electro and hip hop that emerged in the 1980s.

Date Of Issue
03. September 2018
Luigi Olivadoti, Mauren
Stamp format
33 x 45 mm
14 x 13 3/4
Sheet format
210 x 146
4-colours offset CMYK
Cartor Security Printing,
Meaucé la Loupe
Truwhite FSC Mix Credit
110 g/m2, gummed
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