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Princely Treasures – Palaces and Castles

Eisgrub Castle Park
Face value CHF 0.90
Motif Eisgrub Castle Park
Lundenburg Castle
Face value CHF 1.10
Motif Lundenburg Castle
Schlösschen am Schüttel in the Prater
Face value CHF 1.80
Motif Schlösschen am Schüttel in the Prater

Three motifs from the surroundings of palaces and castles of the Liechtenstein family adorn the new special stamps, which are appearing as part of the popular series on treasures from the Princely Collections. The gouaches by Ferdinand Runk were painted in the early 19th century and were purchased by Prince Johann I at the time. All three show people spending time in the countryside or in parks near the properties.

The first painting shows the large pond in the "Eisgrub Castle Park" (face value: CHF 0.90). With an area of almost 200 hectares, the park features numerous sights, including a magnificent palm house and an impressive minaret. "Lundenburg Castle" (face value: CHF 1.10) was originally a wooden castle that was rebuilt into a two-storey Renaissance palace in 1570. Today, the viewer is struck by the derelict towers, which were deliberately built in the style of an artificial ruin. The third painting is dedicated to a scene in the park with strollers, riders and carriages, in the background of which one can see the Liechtenstein "Schlösschen am Schüttel in the Prater" (face value: CHF 1.80) at Vienna.

Mark Image
Date Of Issue
09. September 2022
Silvia Ruppen, Mauren
Stamp format
41.667 x 40 mm
12 ¼ x 12 ¼
Sheet format
146 x 208 mm
4-colour offset
+ gold hot-foil stamping Gutenberg AG, Schaan
Special stamp paper PVA 110 g/m² gummed
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