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Mountain Panorama

Mountain Panorama (2022) Special stamp MiNr. 2051-2054 - Full sheet (2x4) mint **
CHF 8.80

Breathtaking drone shots show previously unseen perspectives and fascinating views of the local alpine region on two new panorama special stamps. One of the motifs depicts the 1997-metre-high "Alpspitz" (left and right, face value: CHF 1.10 each) in the middle of the Rätikon mountain range. On the summit, Liechtenstein's oldest summit cross welcomes enthusiastic hikers and lovers of majestic views all year round.


The Alpspitz is located on the Fürstensteig, Liechtenstein's best-known high-altitude hiking trail which was hewn into the rockface and opened in 1898. This is a much frequented hiking classic in summer. Alternatively, or in the colder season, you can reach the Alpspitz summit on a hiking trail that takes you past the Alp Bargälla and over the Bargälla saddle.

The area around the "Drei Kapuziner" (left and right, face value: CHF 1.10 each) is also a popular hiking area in Liechtenstein. Seen from Alp Guschg, the rocky peaks of the mountain are reminiscent of monks from which it has its special name. Located to the southwest of the popular Schönberg and northwest of the Stachlerkopf, the 2084-metre-high mountain offers mountain hikers a fascinating panoramic view from Grisons to Lake Constance.

2 2022
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