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Village Views: Planken

Village Views: Planken (2022) Special stamp MiNr. 2062-2063 - Maximum card MK 520
CHF 4.00

Owing to its location on the western slope of the Dreischwestern (Three Sisters) mountain at 786 metres above sea level, Liechtenstein's smallest municipality, measured by its population of 487, offers a fascinating view of the Rhine valley and the Swiss mountains opposite. Well-preserved old wooden houses, some of which are listed, together with the St. Joseph Chapel and the community centre around the Dreischwesternhaus (Three Sisters’ House) form the "Village Centre" (face value: CHF 0.90) of Planken.

The "Schuhmacher-Nägele House" (face value: CHF 1.10), which has been owned by the municipality since 2013 and marks the entrance to the village centre, is also located on Dorfstrasse. Built in 1726, it is one of the oldest properties in Planken and an important historical witness of the rural past. After extensive renovation, it has been shining in new splendour since 2018 and may still be used as a residential house.

The two special stamps are expanding the "Village Views" series to include a third municipality from the Liechtenstein Oberland. Characteristic of the special stamps printed on 12-stamp sheetlets are the black-and-white photographs of the buildings set against a coloured landscape.

3 2022
Gutenberg AG, Schaan
Michel No.
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Maximum card
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