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Provisional Stamps

Provisorien (2022) Definitive stamp MiNr. 2035-2036 - Single stamp on first day cover - FDC/U1

CHF 4.00
After almost ten years, Philately Liechtenstein is again using the overprinting method for two of its existing definitive stamps. In this procedure, which used to be very common, the original face value of the stamp is visibly corrected and overprinted with the new face value. The price increases of Liechtensteinische Post AG have made this necessary. As of January 2022, it will increase the prices for A mail letters by 10 centimes (new CHF 1.10) and for B mail letters by 5 centimes (new CHF 0.90). This is the first price increase for letter mail in seventeen years. Stamps that have already been issued will remain valid.

The self-adhesive definitive stamp "Citril Finch" from 2021 will now be issued at a face value of CHF 0.90 (previously CHF 1.00) due to the overprint. This native songbird with its striking greenish yellow plumage can be found in the mountains. Its habitat is in light coniferous trees at the forest edge.

The "Peacock Butterfly" from 2011 will now have a face value of CHF 1.10 (previously CHF 2.20). This butterfly, which is native to Liechtenstein, is a member of the brush-footed butterfly family and is striking due to its black, blue and yellow spots placed like large eyes on its rust-red wings.
1 2022
Michel No.
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First day cover
Single stamp on first day cover
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