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Chimney Sweep “Good Luck”

Chimney Sweep “Good Luck” (2022) Special stamp MiNr. 2043-2044 - Series on First Day Cover - FDC
CHF 3.00

The good luck often quoted in good wishes can now also be conveyed through two stamps. "Horseshoe" (face value: CHF 0.90) and "Cloverleaf" (face value: CHF 1.10) are appearing as special stamps with exclusive gold foil embossing. In addition to the phrase "Good luck" in five different languages, a horseshoe and cloverleaf adorn the stamps as symbols of good luck, although portraits of a female chimney sweep and a male chimney sweep take centre stage.

The tradition-steeped profession of chimney sweeping is also associated with luck. In former times, however, people had a very ambivalent relationship to these professionals. On the one hand, the chimney sweep was terrifyingly black and associated with the devil, on the other hand, he helped to prevent fires through his work. On New Year's Day, he went from house to house and presented his annual bill. As one of the first people you met in the New Year, he became a lucky figure.

Today, the chimney sweep is mainly responsible for inspecting, cleaning and optimising heating systems. He helps to ensure that they use less fuel, are safer and have a longer service life.

1 2022
Michel No.
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First Day Cover
Series on First Day Cover
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