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Chinese Signs of the Zodiac - Dragon

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac - Year of the Dragon (2023) Special stamp MiNr. 2111 - Envelope - C6
CHF 1.00

For the "Year of the Dragon 2024" (face value: CHF 9.20), Chinese artist Leng Bingchuan has designed a special stamp that we are issuing as a combined stamp sheet with four stamps at a nominal value of CHF 2.30 each. Gold foil stamping underlines the artist's intention to portray the dragon as a beautiful hybrid creature that is more abstract and pleasant in spirit than it has often been depicted in the past.


Chinese stone carvings around 1,500 years ago already showed the dragon in this way – elegant and full of vitality. Leng Bingchuan placed great emphasis on this aspect in his design and deliberately did not depict his dragon as a brave and strong tyrant, but gave it an emotional and energetic aura. The artistic form of freehand brushwork used for this purpose is characterised by a direct philosophical expression, which is achieved through minimal colour and modelling.


The dragon is the most popular sign of the Chinese zodiac and was the symbol of the emperor. The mythical creature stands for a long life, luck, prosperity and growth. It symbolises power, strength and energy.

4 2023
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