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Samina Valley – Fauna

Samina Valley – Fauna (2023) Definitive stamp MiNr. 2073-2076 - Set in full sheets (4x5) mint **
CHF 122.00

We are expanding our range of self-adhesive definitive stamps with four motifs from the world of animals in Liechtenstein's Samina Valley. The unspoilt, wild-romantic nature of this popular Alpine region provides an ideal habitat for the "Alpine Salamander" (face value: CHF 0.90). The shiny black amphibian gives birth to live young and is therefore not dependent on spawning waters. The "Alpine Silver Ant" (face value: CHF 1.10) is now only found locally in the Eastern Alps. As a threatened species, the Formica selysi (lat.) ranks high in the Red Lists of the region.

The "Beetle" (Ceruchus chrysomelinus) (face value: CHF 1.80) is the only representative of its species in Central Europe. The males and females of these beetles differ in the width of their heads and the size of their mandibles. The "Snail" (Chilostoma) (face value: CHF 2.30) is the fourth animal in the bunch. It has a flat, round shell with more and more coils as it ages.

The design of the new definitive stamps with illustrations, sketches and old handwriting is reminiscent of textbooks from days gone by. Each stamp depicts different details and stages of development of the respective animal.

1 2023
Christine Böhmwalder, Götzis
Michel No.
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Set in full sheets (4x5)
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