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Chinese Signs of the Zodiac: Tiger

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac: Tiger (2021) Special stamp MiNr. 2034 - Stamp mint **
CHF 2.00

The sheer diversity of Chinese culture is fascinating, one part of which is astrology with its twelve signs of the zodiac. In the Chinese calendar, the coming new year begins on 1 February 2022. It will be under the sign of the tiger and last until 21 January 2023. The Chinese horoscope characterises the tiger as courageous, strong and full of energy.


People born under its sign are agile, energetic, self-confident and assertive. Astrologers say that the element water, which is predominant in 2022, makes the impulsive tiger more peaceful. It therefore has less of a tendency to make rash decisions compared to its fellow species.

The series on Chinese zodiac signs, which has meanwhile become a tradition, is slowly drawing to a close with the penultimate motif "Year of the Tiger" (face value: CHF 2.00). A characteristic feature of the self-adhesive special stamp is the fact that it is produced in the form of a filigree silhouette using the latest laser technology. The sheet of 4 stamps in the colour red, which is a symbol of good luck in China, is also punched out in the shape of a tiger. All imprints are embossed in classy looking gold foil.

4 2021
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