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550th Birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus

550th Birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus (2023) Souvenir sheet MiNr. 2102-2104 - Envelope - C6
CHF 1.00

A souvenir sheet with three stamps focuses on the multifaceted life of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543): "The Cartographer" (face value: CHF 1.80), "The Physician" (face value: CHF 1.80) and "The Astronomer" (face value: CHF 2.30). Copernicus was born 550 years ago in Thorn (Toru?), which today lies in Poland. His discoveries still serve as the basis for many astrological and mathematical insights. Copernicus became best known for his development of the heliocentric view of the world, which for the first time did not see the earth but instead the sun as being at the centre of the planetary system.

Copernicus studied ecclesiastical and secular law, but was also interested in mathematics and astronomy. After studying, he first worked as a secretary and doctor. He started producing various maps from 1526 onwards, including that of the united state "Kingdom of Poland-Grand Duchy of Lithuania" and a detailed map of Prussia. Georg Joachim Rheticus, who came from Liechtenstein's neighbouring town of Feldkirch, was also involved in drawing up the maps. As Copernicus' only pupil, he made a significant contribution to the dissemination of the Copernican world system.

3 2023
Detlef Behr, Köln
Michel No.
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First Day Cover
Envelope C6
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