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Sepac - Traditional Markets

Sepac - Traditional Markets (2023) Special stamp MiNr. 2088 - Maximum card MK 534
CHF 2.80

Traditional fairs have been held in Liechtenstein in autumn for many years. At these fairs, livestock breeding cooperatives and farmers' associations hold agricultural shows. Owners of cattle, horses, sheep and goats present their animals to the public and to juries of experts. The latter award prizes to the best looking four-legged animals in various categories. The sale of farm produce and everyday products is also a permanent feature of the markets.

Our special stamp "Stäger Breemimarcht" (face value: CHF 1.80) is Liechtenstein's contribution to this year's SEPAC issue. The association of the twelve smallest postal operators in Europe issues a stamp on a common theme every year, in 2023 on the theme of "Traditional Markets".

The motif by photographer Klaus Schädler depicts a market scene from 1977 in the hamlet of Steg in Triesenberg. The "Breemimarcht", as it is called in dialect, has been a tradition in the mountain village since 1938. In the municipality of Eschen, the Unterland fair has been held since 1927, while the markets in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, were mentioned as early as 1592.

2 2023
Sheet format
146 x 208 mm
Gutenberg AG, Schaan
Isabella Gassner, Diepoldsau
Stamp format
41.6667 x 40 mm
Michel No.
12 ¼ x 12 ¼
Article type
Maximum card
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