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Stamp 4.2 - Blockchain Technology

Stamp 4.2 - Blockchain Technology from the Principality of Liechtenstein (2023) Souvenir sheet MiNr. 50 A - Souvenir sheet mint **
CHF 9.00

In spring 2023, Liechtenstein and Switzerland celebrated the 100th anniversary of their joint customs treaty. The "Unity" (face value: CHF 9.00) associated with this is also the theme of our latest crypto stamp. Stamp 4.2 based on blockchain technology addresses the Principality's relationship with its neighbour Switzerland.

If the special stamp is scanned using our own app (Stamp 4.1), which is now also available for iOS, interesting information, stories and games can be obtained about the relationship between the two neighbouring countries. Among other things, owners of the new Stamp 4.2 will learn about the annual duck race on Swiss National Day, how it came about that 80 Liechtenstein soldiers went to war in 1861 and 81 men returned, or how Prince Franz Josef II managed to ensure that Liechtenstein was spared the horrors of the Second World War through diplomacy.

Besides the fun factor, our blockchain stamp series also boasts sophisticated security aspects. Owners can check whether their stamps are genuine by scanning the SQR code printed on them and transfer their property to the digital data room.

3 2023
Isabella Gassner, Diepoldsau
Michel No.
Block 50 A
Face value
CHF 9.00
Article type
Stamp 4.2 - Unity
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