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Stamp 4.1 - Blockchain Technology from t

Stamp 4.1 - Blockchain Technology from the Principality of Liechtenstein (2022) Souvenir sheet MiNr. 2064 - Souvenir sheet on First Day Cover - FDC/BL
CHF 10.00

After the successful launch of the first crypto stamp last year, Philately is continuing its blockchain series with Stamp 4.1 "Equality" (face value: CHF 9.00).

The wet-glue postage stamp contains an SQR code that connects the analogue with the digital world. By scanning the printed SQR code, the collector is taken to a website where he can find the serial number of his personal stamp and learn more about the stamp and the history it contains.

The stamp can be scanned and checked (verified) to ensure it is authentic with the related app. Through the authenticity check, the stamps are uniquely assigned to their owners before they are anchored in a personal data room in blockchain technology. An additional fun factor is the puzzle world included in the app, where users can learn more about the history and rise of the Princely House of Liechtenstein. Both historical events and current topics are covered at the same time. Digital puzzles also bridge the gap between tradition and modernity and are waiting to be solved by the young and old.

3 2022
Michel No.
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First Day Cover
Souvenir sheet on First Day Cover FDC/BL
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hae 21.04.2023
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