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75 Years of the First General Assembly o

75 Years of the First General Assembly of the United Nations (2021) Special stamp MiNr. 2003 - Block of four on First Day Cover - FDC/U4
CHF 21.80

10 January 2021 marked the 75th anniversary of the first United Nations (UN) General Assembly. The organisation itself celebrated its 75th anniversary last year. With the special stamp "75 Years of the First General Assembly of the United Nations" (face value: CHF 5.20), Philately Liechtenstein commemorates this memorable event, which was held in 1946 at Westminster Central Hall in London with 51 states attending the ceremony.

The stamp is in the shade of blue, which is typical of the association, and shows the anniversary logo as well as the arrow used in it in various colours. The diagonally upward pointing symbol stands for the global movement in the present and in the future, while the colours indicate versatility.

Today, the United Nations has 193 member states. Liechtenstein joined the UN on 18 September 1990 as the 160th member. According to its charter, the most important tasks of the organisation are to secure international peace, respect international law, protect human rights and promote international cooperation. The General Assembly meets each year in September at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

1 2021
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First Day Cover
Block of four on First Day Cover
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