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100 Years of the Lawena Power Plant

100 Years of the Lawena Power Plant (2023) Souvenir sheet MiNr. 2085-2087 - Souvenir sheet on First Day Cover - FDC/BL
CHF 6.20

100 years ago, the foundation stone was laid in Liechtenstein for the country's general electricity supply. On 11 January 1923, the then Prince Johann II approved a law establishing the national company "Landeswerk Lawena". This was the origin of the Liechtenstein power station, which today remains responsible for all matters relating to Liechtenstein’s electricity supply.

The electrification of the Principality took place in stages. As early as 1880, initial measurements were taken with a view to the possible realisation of a hydroelectric power plant. Although the Liechtenstein Parliament passed a resolution in 1914 to use the water of the Lawena Valley to generate electricity, several years passed before the project could be implemented. Finally, in 1927, the construction was completed and the power plant was put into operation. Since then, water has been rushing through a 2,058-metre-long penstock with a gradient of about 880 metres towards the powerhouse.

To mark the anniversary, we are dedicating a special souvenir sheet with three stamps to the Lawena power plant. The stamps "Waterwheel" (face value: CHF 1.10), "Switchgear" (face value: CHF 1.80) and "Turbine" (face value: CHF 2.30) show three sections of a black-and-white photograph of the interior of the power plant.

2 2023
Sheet format
110 x 70 mm
Gutenberg AG, Schaan
Stephan Stark, Nofels
Stamp format
20/30/35 x 38.338 mm
Michel No.
12 ¼ x 12 ¼
Article type
First Day Cover
Souvenir sheet on First Day Cover FDC/BL
2-colour offset Pantone
Adhesive type
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