When will I receive my NFT package?

We will send out the NFT packages at the end of March 2023. The issue date is 29.03.2023. This historic day marks the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of the customs treaty between the Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland and testifies to an event that has united the neighboring countries in friendship ever since.

What can I do with my NFT?

The NFT is a digital artwork. You can either collect it or trade it on an external platform (OpenSea). The life of the NFT is stored tamper-proof in the blockchain. In addition, the NFT is linked to an image section of the physical art painting by Romero Britto. You can view the corresponding image detail in the Liechtenstein Landes Museum. 

Who is the artist of the NFT design and collectibles?

The "art ambassador" for this project is Romero Britto. The Brazilian is one of the best-known artists of the international Neo Pop Art movement. Even as a child, he loved stamps and "traveled" through the world with them in his mind. His imagination gave him confidence and still shapes his style today. He creates the NFT design and the four game figures with his characteristic use of bright colors and eye-catching patterns, spreading a message of hope, love, and happiness.

What does virtual ownership mean?

Virtual ownership here means that you become the virtual co-owner of the original art painting by Romero Britto. Each NFT is assigned exactly one image section of the artwork. This section of the painting can be viewed digitally by the NFT owner.

How does virtual ownership work?

A QR code will be placed next to the exhibited painting in the Liechtenstein LandesMuseum, which owners of the NFT can use to view the respective section of the painting digitally.
For those who are not on site: Just follow this link to the Virtual Ownership page!

Virtual Ownership

This is how you can find your image section in the painting:

1) Scan the QR code at the painting in the Liechtenstein LandesMuseum.

2) You will be redirected to the website.

3) Enter the serial number of the NFT on the website.

4) Now you can view the section of the painting that belongs to the respective NFT.

Where can I find my NFT serial number?

You can find the NFT serial number in the Philately Liechtenstein app. Go to the stamp collection and click on the corresponding NFT or stamp. In the section "Single stamp" you will find the serial number with a "#".

Do the stamp and the NFT have different designs?

Yes, both the stamp and the NFT have their own design. The stamp shows the old Rhine bridge between Liechtenstein and Switzerland to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the customs treaty. Romero Britto also paints the NFT design to symbolize friendship and uses bright colors for positive messages.

Which mobile phone can I use to verify the stamp to access my NFT?

The stamp can be verified using a smartphone with a macro camera. Android users can check the stamp for authenticity with the following smartphones: Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, Samsung S22 Ultra 5G. For iOS users, this function is possible from the iPhone 13 Pro.

here is my token kept as long as it has not been transferred to my wallet?

The Ganten Group Vaduz is the Official Depository of the NFTs.

On which blockchain is the NFT located?

The NFT "Art-Edition" is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I transfer the NFT to my wallet?

After you have checked the authenticity of your stamp in the Stamp 4.1 app, you can request your NFT via a button in the stamp detail view. An input field will open. You must enter the public key of your MetaMask wallet in this input field. Afterwards we will send you the NFT. This can take up to two business days.

If you do not currently have a MetaMask Wallet, you can set one up here.

Which collectibles exist and in what frequency do they come?

There are four different mushrooms as game figures:

  • Little mushroom friend Willi (800)
  • Hearty mushroom friend Tia (440)
  • Tall mushroom friend Levin (200)
  • Mushroom princess Kira (60)

What does the VIP ticket of the Liechtenstein National Museum include?

The VIP ticket grants one free admission to the Liechtenstein Landes Museum including a personal welcome and guided tour to the Britto-artwork. Additionally, you will be served coffee and cake or sparkling wine.