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What is the Stamp 4.1

In 2021, Philately Liechtenstein issued the first crypto stamp with blockchain technology from the Principality of Liechtenstein - the stamp 4.0. The stamp is forgery-proof, interactive and exciting. In 2022, we will continue the success story and tell the story of the Princely House of Liechtenstein with Stamp 4.1.

New features:

  • Solve puzzle again and improve your best time
  • Compare puzzle best times with other users
  • Get extra points for a Top 3 best time
  • Get additional points for solving double puzzles

Stamps 4.0 and 4.1 are real stamps valid for postage. The stamp is wet-adhesive. The included SQR code connects the analog with the digital world and is your ticket to the blockchain world: Check the stamp for its authenticity with the scan and transfer your property to the digital data space.

This is how it works:

Scan the SQR code with your cell phone camera or with a QR code app. Here on the website, you can learn more about the stamps 4.0 and 4.1: their history, serial numbers and who is the designers are.


What is a Blockchain stamp?

A Blockchain stamp is a valid postage stamp and can be used for mailing just like any other stamp. On our "Stamp 4.0" and “Stamp 4.1” an SQR-code is also integrated. When the SQR code is scanned with the matching app, the stamp becomes visible as a digital twin in the app and can be placed in your digital collection. If it is successfully verified, you can deposit your stamp in the Blockchain. This gives your stamp a digital CV. These innovations make the crypto stamps forgery-proof, interactive and exciting.

Which events are written into the Blockchain?

You can also write more events into the blockchain. That includes your game figure and your puzzle success

I have an Android Smartphone and want to deposit the stamp into the Blockchain. What do I need to do?

Download the app from the Google Play Store. You will find the QR code inside the packaging of your stamp. Once you have downloaded the app, scan your stamp. Then follow the instructions in the app. For successful verification, you will need a suitable smartphone with a macro lens, for example the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. Once the stamp is verified, you can place your stamp in the blockchain.

My smartphone camera doesn't recognise the code on the stamp

This may happen depending on the phone model. For Android users, we recommend scanning the SQR-code in the app. For iOS users, we recommend downloading the Cognex Corporation barcode scanner from the Apple Store and scanning the code with it.

Is there an app for the iPhone as well?

There is currently no app for the iPhone. But we are already working on it! iPhone users can register for a newsletter that will inform them when the iOS app is available for download.

How do I register in the app?

After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, an account must first be created:

  1. Choose a user name
  2. Enter an e-mail address
  3. Select the country you are from
  4. Choose a password
  5. Confirm that you accept the terms of use
  6. After setting the account, the app login will work automatically as long as you do not log out in the app.

What are the game figures?

There are 8 different kind of game figures that can be collected:


  • The Castle (25'000 - 23'600 Crypto Stamp | 1400 Special Edition)
  • The Knight (15'000 - 14'000 Crypto Stamp | 1000 Special Edition)
  • The Princess (5'000 - 4'300 Crypto Stamp | 700 Special Edition)
  • The Prince (200 - 100 Crypto Stamp | 100 Special Edition)

H.S.H. Princess Marie:

  • The Flower (2'500)
  • The Heart (1'600)
  • The Diadem (800)
  • The Diamond (100)


  • The Castle (26'100 - 23'600 Crypto Stamp | 2'500 Special Edition)
  • The Knight (15'600 - 14'000 Crypto Stamp | 1'600 Special Edition)
  • The Princess (5'100 - 4'300 Crypto Stamp | 800 Special Edition)
  • The Prince (200 - 100 Crypto Stamp | 100 Special Edition)

One of the four game figures with a specific theme puzzle is hidden behind every stamp. After you scan the stamp the game figure becomes visible on the website and in the app.

As soon as all puzzles are solved, the special puzzle belonging to the game figure is unlocked. This puzzle success as well as the game figure can also be deposited in the Blockchain.

How can I get more game figures?

You can always get more game figures by buying more stamps either in the postal shops or online.

What is the Highscore list?

The highscore list will crown the stamp prince of Liechtenstein! With each game figure and solved puzzle you will earn points that add up in the highscore list for you. In the list you will see yourself with your username and the flag of your home country.

Can I win something?

No, this is not a contest with prizes.

What are Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs are hidden, additional functions in apps or computer games. Easter eggs can also appear in films and often surprise the audience. We have hidden our Easter Eggs in various places on our website and in the online shop. Take a look around and search for QR-Codes - maybe you'll find a clue and soon your first Easter Egg!